Set A Trend With These Fashion Tips

An entire industry base on fashion, style, clothes, shoes and make up. The advertisement of this industry is pretty huge as well with loads of well known models, actors and actresses working for it. Many people are born with a great sense of fashion while others survive in this fashion competitive world by following advertisements and celebrities but as they say even copying take skills. You need to stay smart even if you are copying a haircut, a design or make up of some celebrity blending your own touch to it. You do not want to look out of the place just because you wore too much make up or wore a baggy jean to a fancy party.

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Fashion starts from your appearance keeping your natural appearance to the best which includes your skin, hair, eye brows and nails. Do not keep a manicure or pedicure appointment for fancy occasions but pamper yourself once in a while to feel good about yourself. Take care of your skin as it is the first thing people look at when they meet you so no matter what clothes or shoes you are wearing an acne and rough skin can ruin the whole image. Have your eye brows made after a couple of weeks to give a tidy look to your face with a complimenting hair cut that best suits you. I have seen a lot of people obsessing with hair cuts that celebrities or models have and probably end up having the same hair cut too. My advice would be go for something that suits you, a hair cut that suits a specific person does not mean it will go with your face cut or features as well. Experiment a little bit and find out the best hair cut that gives you that glamorous and stylish look.

The first misconception every person has is assuming that only wearing designer clothes will make you look good. I say if you have a good fashion sense yourself, experiment and come up with something unique and trendy rather than following a trend. Check out which color best suits you or which style of outfits gave you the most compliments then go out shopping for the same kind of color tones and styles. If you want to look slimmer go with an outfit that has parallel lines or a dress that fits from head to toe without any lines in between and a bag tucked in your arms is pretty hip right now. Forget matching your shoes and clothes, go for something different while mixing different tones and colors to create a new look. If you have long waist then try wearing a short top with long skirts. Planning to wear a dark colored eye shadow then keep your lipstick in light colors and vice versa to keep a balance in your make up.

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If you observe the best dressed celebrities of previous year you will see that they all have kept it trendy, comfortable and personal. They did not try very hard to stand out in the crowd rather showed their own personal sense of style. So remember whenever you go out for shopping whether it is clothes, shoes, bags or make up do not pick something just because it looked good on someone else. Try it on and see if it compliments your good features. As far as the celebrities who made as the worst dresser are the ones who tried very hard to look good rather than focusing on what they liked and hat looked fine on them.