Real Eye Catchers: Cute Belly Rings

Smart marketing experts appreciate the value of a clever presentation. Cute belly rings can help a person to make a statement that others will notice. Yet they will not have to listen to any sort of “sermon.” Almost anyone with something to say can make use of a cute belly ring.

Cute Belly Button Rings

An animal lover might want to wear an item sold by bellycandy. There one can find an entire collection of dangling hearts, each of which carries the picture of a different animal. Someone who wants to advocate for endangered species might want to wear the ring that has a picture of a white tiger cub. What could be cuter than a baby animal? What could better demonstrate the value of saving endangered animals?

Cute Navel Rings

By going online a music lover can find and order a belly ring that has a musical note on a ball. Someone with a pierced belly, a person who loves looking at stars through a microscope would probably enjoy having a banana ring that has Jupiter like balls. Someone who has a pierced naval, and who never hesitates to speak out in favor of world peace would welcome the opportunity to wear a dangling ball with a peace sign.

Christmas Cute Belly Rings

The arrival of the Christmas season should help a fair number of those in need of a gift to discover the huge selection available to anyone who goes shopping for cute belly rings. This is the time of year when just about anyone who has been wearing a rather traditional banana ring would be willing to replace it with one of the cute navel jewelry. There are a number of such rings that have a holiday flavor.

Some navel accessories have a Christmas tree at the end of a dangling chain; others have holiday bells or a silver angel. The shopper who wants something even cuter will not be disappointed. By searching online, he or she should find something that lets a Santa Claus, a snowman or a gift laden sleigh dangle over a pierced belly.

Jewelers who like to create cute accessories have made good use of the two globes on each banana ring. Some have used colored balls with black stripes; others have preferred using white balls with colored stripes. Some have put a tiny silver globe between a pair of bells. Some have designed the cutest sort of spiral belly rings.

Cute Belly Rings

Jewelers tend to appreciate what females view as “cute.” They find multiple ways for making their pieces appeal to women. They put glitter on a ring’s balls, or equip it with glow in the dark globes. They string a series of colored balls on a string, so that the resulting line up suggests the many colors of a rainbow. They make dangling hearts that carry special messages, such as “love.”

After Christmas, those who go looking for the ideal Valentine gift should not abandon the idea of purchasing a cute belly ring. The person in search of a Valentine gift might want to consider wrapping up a box that holds a heart that says “love.”