American Eagle Discount Codes – Have You Been Spending Too Much?

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American Eagle clothing is high quality, trendy, and incredibly popular nowadays. The only problem with these clothes is that most people cannot come close to being able to afford them. Even though these clothes are far from the prices of Gucci, Versace, or anything along those lines, they start off priced above what most department stores charge for their clothing.

AE Floaty Tankini Top

This has to do with the quality of the brand, but it still makes it frustrating for people who want a little AE in their lives. What’s the solution to this problem then? American Eagle discount codes. Here is a look at what some of these codes could do for you.

AE Bikini

American Eagle discount codes are basically coupons that you can use on the internet. Since you cannot scan a bar code into your computer, these codes act as a virtual version of that to keep track of your savings. Most of the time, you can use these by going to check out for an item. When you go to make a payment, you should be given the option to enter a promotional code. If you do not have one, you can skip this section. If you do though, you can get instant savings that cannot be found by simply looking for sales a store has.

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Sexy Bustier Corset + Stiletto Heel Corset Style Sandal

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Lace bustier with underwire demi bra and checkered mesh side inserts.

Lace Bustier Corset

Lace Bustier Corset

Hook and eye back closure. Matching thong.


Stiletto Heel Corset Style Sandal

Stiletto Heel Corset Style Sandal

5 3/4″ Stiletto Heel Corset Style PF Sandal

Heel Corset Style Sandal

Heel Corset Style Sandal

Get it Girl! Nothing and we mean nothing is gonna stop you now! This Delight sandal from Pleaser redefines seduction with its sultry patent upper and red-hot corset style lace up detailing, and with the mile-high spiked heel and platform, you’ll not only defy all the laws of gravity, you’ll be reaching new heights of wow! Price $44.70 at

Hot Set!!!

Dangling Belly Rings Are Very Sexy


If there is one thing that I love about a woman is her stomach. I love a girl that has a flat stomach that looks good. Of course, girls know this, and that is why they walk around with the belly shirts on. However, sometimes the girls like to add a little something to make sure that you look down there. The best way to do this is to add a belly button ring. Of course, it seems like a lot of them are the same, but now girls are starting to wear the dangling belly button rings, and they are super sexy. These belly button rings cannot be beat and are by far my favorite.

Cherry Belly Button Ring

There are many reasons why I love a girl that has a dangling belly button ring, but I think I like the way it looks the best. There is something that is so sexy about the way the dangling belly button ring lays against their bear skin. This gives them a very sexy look, but at the same time, it gives them a very classy look. Also, the good news for the girls out there is that you have a lot of different dangling belly rings to choose from. You can choose to get one that is name brand or one that just looks pretty.

Gold Dangling Belly Button Ring

You can get a plain one, or if you want it to really stand out then you may want to go ahead and get one that has a little gem in it as well. That way when the sunlight dances off this gem it is going to get anyone to look down there. After all, if you are wearing one of these you want people to see it.

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Lydia Hearst in Sexy Gold Bikini


Lydia Marie Hearst-Shaw is an American model and an heiress to the publishing fortune established by her maternal great-grandfather William Randolph Hearst. The 2007 Michael Awards recognized her as their Model of the Year.

Lydia in Sexy Bikini

Lydia Hearst shows gold bikini, which costs 30 000 000$.

Lydia Hearst in Sexy Gold Bikini

Lydia Hearst is perhaps most famous for being the daughter of kidnapping victim Patty Hearst. Additionally, Lydia is heir to William Randolph Hearst’s media empire, which amounts to roughly $5 billion in annual revenue.

Lydia Hearst in Sexy Bikini

Lydia’s a celebutante who could be placed in the same general category as Nicky and Paris Hilton; although, the Hiltons would undoubtedly dispute this.

Lydia Hearst in HOT Gold Bikini

Given her status as a celebutante, Lydia is fortunate enough to be in a position where she doesn’t really have to do anything.

Lydia Hearst in Gold Bikini

What Lydia has done, however, is establish a reasonable career as a model, having graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines.

Lingerie Collection at

LingeriePlace Flight Attendant Lingerie

LingeriePlace Flight Attendant Lingerie

While we will be continually adding to the line of products we carry, we will strive to sell only brands who meet our high-quality standards.

LingeriePlace Christmas Lingerie

LingeriePlace Christmas Lingerie

When you order from LingeriePlace, you can rest assured that you are not ordering from a “fly by night” operation, but rather from an experienced company in the lingerie trade.

LingeriePlace Naughty Native Lingerie

LingeriePlace Naughty Native Lingerie

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Shirley Of Hollywood Lingerie from


If you’re looking for luxury, Shirley’s silks and chiffons will wrap you in bliss, in sensual shades from dramatic to demure. The ranges provide a stunning selection in a variety of sizes from petit to 50 inch bust and in an exciting array of colours.

Shirley of Hollywood Lingerie

For 60 years, Shirley has symbolized sexy, designing quality intimate apparel that makes women- and men-feel as sensuous as they look. Meticulously crafted from the finest fabrics and finished with the most exquisite laces and trims, Shirley lingerie says glamour like nothing else ever has. From hot fashions to luxurious lounge wear, when you want sexy, you want Shirley. Wholesale quality lingerie since 1948…

Embellished Lace & Shiny Pebble Satin Corset at Shirley Of Hollywood

Beautifull Embellished Lace & Shiny Pebble Satin Corset
Elegance and Style go hand in hand in this corsset with an attached, padded under wired bra adorned with brilliant sequins and beads, hook & eye front and waist slimming, and lace up back. This magnificent Corset also features adjustable straps and removable garters. Comes with matching G-String.
Price: £63.82

Charmeuse & Contrasting Scalloped Lace Bustier at Shirley Of Hollywood

Charmeuse & Contrasting Scalloped Lace Bustier
With under wired cups, pretty lace up front, charmeuse ruffles on straps and hem, stretch mesh back with hook & eye back closure and adjustable straps and garters. Comes with G-string.
Price: £36.59

Flattering Multi chiffon chemise at Shirley Of Hollywood Lingerie

Flattering Multi chiffon chemise
Flattering every figure, this high multi chiffon chemise lavishly trimmed in a tri-tone lace that scallops across the front and down the adjustable tie sides. Adjustable shoulder straps and g-string are also included.
Price: £27.23

Charmeuse & Lace Corset Style Chemise at Shirley Of Hollywood

Charmeuse & Lace Corset Style Chemise
Charmeuse and contrasting lace with corset style chemise with slightly padded underwired cups, adjustable straps, a sexy lace up back, and adjustable garters. Comes with g-string.
Price: £36.59

Floral Applique and Stretch Mesh Bustier at Shirley Of Hollywood

Floral Applique and Stretch Mesh Bustier

Floral applique and stretch mesh strappy bustier with adjustable straps, elasticised garters and includes G-string.
Price: £29.78

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Set A Trend With These Fashion Tips

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An entire industry base on fashion, style, clothes, shoes and make up. The advertisement of this industry is pretty huge as well with loads of well known models, actors and actresses working for it. Many people are born with a great sense of fashion while others survive in this fashion competitive world by following advertisements and celebrities but as they say even copying take skills. You need to stay smart even if you are copying a haircut, a design or make up of some celebrity blending your own touch to it. You do not want to look out of the place just because you wore too much make up or wore a baggy jean to a fancy party.

Lingerie Fashion Style

Fashion starts from your appearance keeping your natural appearance to the best which includes your skin, hair, eye brows and nails. Do not keep a manicure or pedicure appointment for fancy occasions but pamper yourself once in a while to feel good about yourself. Take care of your skin as it is the first thing people look at when they meet you so no matter what clothes or shoes you are wearing an acne and rough skin can ruin the whole image. Have your eye brows made after a couple of weeks to give a tidy look to your face with a complimenting hair cut that best suits you. I have seen a lot of people obsessing with hair cuts that celebrities or models have and probably end up having the same hair cut too. My advice would be go for something that suits you, a hair cut that suits a specific person does not mean it will go with your face cut or features as well. Experiment a little bit and find out the best hair cut that gives you that glamorous and stylish look.

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Beach Bunny Swimwear at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Beach Bunny Lingerie

Who would have thought unabashed glamour and salt water can harmoniously coexist? Thanks to Beach Bunny Swimwear’s 2008 collection that is just the case.

Beach Bunny 2008

This year started off with a splash as Beach Bunny Swimwear unveiled its 2008 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles. Buyers, high fashion editors, photographers and celebrities from around the world came together to see head turning styles such as Secret Garden, Spellbound, Déjà vu and Take Me Out.

Beach Bunny Summer 2008

Taking its inspiration from upscale lingerie, Beach Bunny Swimwear’s 2008 collection moves forward with the trend of embellishments where suits are outfit oriented.

Beach Bunny Swimwear

Our designs source luxury fabric and exquisite details from across the world such as Swarovski Crystals, French embroideries, European Lace, Metallic chains, Stretch grosgrain ribbon, Copper beads and beautiful Micro Modal blends.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

The 2008 line ranges from feminine and flirty with styles such as Rich Girl, Spellbound and Bed of Roses to outright sexy with suits such as Smooth Criminal and Livin’ on a Prayer to satisfy the “Rock and Roll” woman at heart.

No matter which style you choose, all suits are designed for the confident woman who exudes femininity while looking fashionable lying poolside or at the beach.
More photos:

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3D Lingerie Models


The 3D Lingerie Pack features custom designed lace textures with matching embroidery on the shoes for a signature look in intimate fashion for the Athletic figure.

3D Lingerie Model

The demi-cup bra is strapped and underwired to give push-up without padding, pair it with a cheeky high cut tanga panty that laces up in the back, or a sexy matching thong, and a pair of leather strapped platform heels to complete an interchangeable look.

3D Lingerie

Match any lipstick, nailcolor, or prop, the detail is in the lace, so you are free to change lingerie set colors with the plum, black, red, pink, nude, or white included MAT settings, or change the object material color manually in your render settings to any color you desire.

3D Lingerie Model Tanya

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International Lingerie Shows

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Las Vegas International Lingerie Show

ORFIDEN Lingerie Show