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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows

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The man who sells candy confections at a small concession stand can not afford to pay for an expensive advertisement. Yet in 2007, such concession stand owners stood to enjoy the benefits of what amounted to a lengthy commercial. That’s because a collection of candy confection lingerie had been displayed on TV. That collection had […]

Tips For Choosing Sexy Lingerie

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The word “sexy” means different things to different people. For some people, “cute” is sexy; for other people “flashy” is sexy. That observation underscores the difficulty inherent in creation of certain tips, tips in choosing sexy lingerie. Still, every woman has a secret longing to appear sexy at specific times, and every woman can use […]

Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie For Women

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Are you palms sweaty and your voice quivering? Is your heart beating with nervousness and you just can’t wait to get the task at hand done? If so, you are most likely a male who is shopping for your woman’s lingerie. A fantastic present, no doubt. However, this could explode in your face or bring […]

Silver & Gold Belly Chains

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When it comes to sexy, trendy jewelry nothing can quite top a belly chain. While not everyone can pull off wearing this very sexy type of accessory, when worn correctly it creates the perfect steamy look for those occasions when you want to get some serious attention and stand out in the crowd. Let’s take […]