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Plus Size Lingerie Modeling

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While many people think of lingerie modeling being done by super slim female models, there is actually quite a market for the plus size woman in this regard. With the average woman being a size twelve, many fashion designers are recognizing the need to create and show off lingerie for the woman of average or […]

Tips For Buying Bridal Lingerie

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Could there possibly be a more important time to buy lingerie than for a honeymoon? Whether you normally wear sweatpants to bed or you have a huge lingerie collection, that lingerie set that you choose for your honeymoon needs to really be something special. You only have one chance to choose something spectacular for this […]

How to Buy Lingerie Online

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Here are a few helpful hints for the appropriate female, online shopper: If you want to know how to search online for chartreuse colored lingerie, then you need to extend your search beyond the following article. If you want a word for word translation of the contents on the Aubade website, then you do not […]

American Eagle Discount Codes – Have You Been Spending Too Much?

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American Eagle clothing is high quality, trendy, and incredibly popular nowadays. The only problem with these clothes is that most people cannot come close to being able to afford them. Even though these clothes are far from the prices of Gucci, Versace, or anything along those lines, they start off priced above what most department […]